Photograph © Bruce Thao
Deer Park Monastery, Escondido, CA
Fres Thao, Executive Director, Center for Hmong Arts and Talent (CHAT) --  
       "Bruce is at the forefront of a movement that will forever transform leadership development, activism and self care.  The intersectionality and inclusivity of Bruce's work not only stems from his formal education and self-taught life experiences, but his ongoing pursuit to understand and empathize with the complexities that exist in the world. 
        Having consulted and worked with Bruce on an independent and organizational level, I've come to recognize that success of any sort begins with looking deep within oneself to identify and overcome internal barriers that often disrupt our natural flow.  With Bruce's guidance and leadership I have become more confident, decisive and excited for my personal journey, holding myself accountable for my losses while making sure I praise myself for my achievements.  As Bruce generously offers his expertise and leadership, I am convinced that the future is in great hands, and that Bruce's work will affect and resonate with the generations to come."

Jane Eastwood, Director, Saint Paul Public Library (previously Director of Education Policy, City of St. Paul) --
           "During the planning process for My Brother's Keeper, Bruce provided insights and perspectives that expanded and sharpened our thinking about the complex and nuanced experience of men and boys of color. His contributions helped shape our approach to data and to how we represent the stories of boys and men of color."
Helly Lee, Senior Policy Analyst, Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP) -- 
        "Bruce is a deeply insightful leader who doesn't shy away from the hard work that is needed to create positive change. He brings over a decade of experience, having tackled some of today's leading social issues in diverse communities, all while navigating their multiple and complex intersections with culture, gender, communities and other identities that both, binds us and makes us all unique. This experience, coupled with this thoughtful leadership shows in all of his work and it is what makes him especially qualified to help organizations and individuals reach their goals. I've had the opportunity to work with Bruce in organizational and individual capacities. Even with many years of professional experience, I found myself in need of support and guidance when I reached a point of exhaustion. Bruce helped me break down what I was experiencing and his honesty and guidance gave me the courage I needed to take bold next steps to advance myself in my career and life."
Nick Kor, Board Chair, Shades of Yellow (SOY) -- 
            "Bruce is a trusted friend and colleague. He recognizes that our complex identities, experiences, and histories play important roles in the development of our leadership and of our organizations. He believes in the necessity of healing as a way to transcend our oppression. And he works in loving ways that both challenge and support us to be our best selves."
Photograph © Bruce Thao
La Jolla Beach, San Diego, CA
Elisabeth Thao, Integrative & Holistic Health Healer -- 
            "I've had the honor and privilege of working alongside Bruce on a multitude of projects. One in particular was the strategic planning, program development, and implementation of 'Activation and Renewal: Awakening to your Highest Self', a workshop to support conscious living by providing accessibility to space, tools and real world applicable skills including breath work, meditation and mindfulness.
             Bruce is an exceptionally gifted facilitator with the ability to assess complex issues and systems, and break them down to their essential elements, while bringing an empathetic, reflective and supportive approach. I have seen firsthand how his ability to teach and lead through radical transformation has resulted in happier and healthier individuals and communities."
From a Public Sector Professional --
             "Bruce helped me learn how to heal after a traumatic death in my family. I was at a loss for how to process what happened. Bruce guided me through the expected and unexpected aftermath including how to deal with grieving in the workplace. Bruce understands how trauma can manifest and how historical trauma changes people and families. I'm very happy I worked with Bruce."
Feedback from a diversity training --
  • "I would love for the time to be longer. It was so helpful!"   
  • "Bruce, you do this work with such grace and humilty that it is disarming. Thank you so so much."  
  • "This brought some completely new concepts to me like historical trauma, deep listening and intersectionality." 
  • "Thank you for your vulnerability. Thank you for all that you bring. Thank you for your ability to listen. Thank you." 
  • "One concept I learned that I will apply to my life is that I may be the first to hear someone's story. And to understand that everyone has a different lens through which they see the world. This is so important especially in my work with men who have abused before. You are inspiring. Thank you for your time!"  
  • "I enjoyed that from start to finish, from the depth of the content to the pacing, you helped us go deep but also stay present. The space you created felt sacred. It was incredibly powerful."  
Feedback from a mindfulness & healing workshop --
  • "Thank you for hosting a great workshop. It really helped me to start thinking about different methods of healing and ways to be more mindful/intentional about everything I do." 
  • "The interactive activities had deep meaning. I appreciated the balance between lecture and discussion and activity."
Feedback from a workshop on intersectionality & leadership --
  • "Discussing intersectionality was effective in showcasing our values & identities in a way not generally thought about & what implications those identities have in our work. It made me think harder of how staff and co-workers identify me."
  • "I loved Bruce's discussion and I loved how he pushed us above & beyond. It was a great session. I appreciate his honesty & truth."
  • "The discussions and conversations were helpful in understanding more of other's leadership characteristics."
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