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Photograph © Bruce Thao
Sunrise in Rio De Janeiro
Filling a Crucial Gap in Leadership Development
Welcome to LIT Consulting!
My name is Bruce Thao, Founder/CEO of LIT Consulting. LIT stands for Lead Inspire Transform.  I founded LIT because I identified a gap in both coaching and leadership/diversity work. The gap in leadership coaching is that people of color and LGBTQ individuals (and those who identify as both) often do not have access to quality leadership development or coaching, particularly from someone who also identifies as a person of color/queer. As someone who identifies as both a person of color and gay/queer, I bring a unique perspective to my coaching work (read more about that below). 

The gap in diversity and leadership work within institutions and systems is that hardly anyone in the sector is talking about intersections of identities, how personal or institutional trauma impacts individuals and shows up in the workplace (or is perpetuated in the workplace), and how to heal and show up as our best selves at these messy intersections. 

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