Leadership Coaching

Photograph © Bruce Thao
Sunrise in Rio De Janeiro
Leadership Coaching
My approach to leadership coaching is to meet each person where they are and for us to explore together how you can show up as your best and full self in your work, in your relationships, and in your daily life. So often we feel we have to compartmentalize pieces of ourselves or need to hide our light. We feel lost or unsure of what we are doing or where we should go with our careers. We seek purpose. Through coaching, together we will tap into your True Source, your True Purpose, discover alignment, and create pathways to ensure alignment continues through your actions and your mind, body, spirit and emotions. Whether you are discerning what your next career move should be, looking to hone your leadership skills and style, wanting to find work/life balance, or other questions/concerns, leadership coaching can help you to uncover the solutions and resources you already have deep within.
I have a background in mental health and counseling, which I draw upon to enrich our coaching sessions, but to be clear--this is not a counseling session. Coaches are very different from counselors in our approach and philosophy. I am happy to discuss this more with you in person. But through my Masters in Psychology, Masters in Social Welfare, and over 10 years of working with children, youth and adults who have endured severe abuse, neglect, trauma, sexual assault, and/or those who come from low-income, immigrant/refugee backgrounds, I've honed my skills and my ability to sit with individuals and help them to process and unpack complex trauma. This is embedded within my leadership coaching.
I also integrate my professional and personal experiences in leadership development. Professionally, this includes leadership training, development and exploration as a Bush Foundation Leadership Fellow ,  from the Rockwood Leadership Institute, training in Appreciative Inquiry from the Corporation for Positive Change, participation in TED Global in Rio de Janeiro, and much more. I combine this with over 12 years of experience in non-profit management, program development and community engagement across the country. 
Personally, I am Hmong American , the child of refugees, and identify as a gay/queer man. I have lived in urban, rural and suburban settings and embrace multiple spiritual practices. I bring all of this to my work and to this world. It has taken a long time to understand and embrace the complexity of my identities, but that is what makes me a unique, resilient leader. And it is what also makes YOU a unique and resilient leader. We each have a story to tell, have complex identities, and cannot be captured by check boxes or categories. Together, let's explore and dive deeper into what this means for you! 
In addition to leadership coaching, I am also a certified Reiki Master and can integrate reiki sessions into our coaching work or provide reiki completely separate from coaching. When explaining what reiki is, I often refer to it as a "massage for your soul". Reiki is a healing technique which utilizes light touch and energy work to clear your chakras (energy centers in your body), encourage the flow of energy throughout your mind/body/spirit, and provide deep relaxation and restoration. 

I have received reiki healing sessions for the past few years and it has changed my life! It has allowed me to be more aware of the negative energy (or "baggage") I was often unconsciously carrying, has made me more aware of my chakras and how to open my heart, mind and spirit, and has helped me to get "unstuck" and find greater clarity in my life purpose. That is what motivated me to want to learn reiki myself and be able to provide it to others as a tool for healing, renewal and transformation. 

This is a great BLOG which provides a quick overview of what reiki is. Please feel free to reach out to me to learn more or ask any questions as well. 

To learn more about leadership coaching, reiki, or to set up an informational interview please CLICK HERE to contact me. I am based in St. Paul, MN and can meet in person if you are local, or can conduct phone/video conferencing sessions if you are not local. I believe everyone should have access to quality leadership coaching and so my coaching fees and methods of payment I can discuss with you based upon your personal situation.